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Aluminum Mold & Pattern Limited uses state of the art foundry practices to produce castings with superior surface finish, dimensional accuracy and quality aluminum composition. This results in castings that require less finishing time. With over 3,000lb of furnace capacity, we can produce large castings.

Some of our more innovative services include:

  • “Direct to foundry” shortcuts that enable us to produce castings in an extremely rapid timeframe
  • Cast in stainless steel tubing for heating or cooling
  • Clay-up of A-surface patterns
  • Low volume production

Our combination of experienced foundry workers and innovative pattern making enables us to provide our customers with quick turnaround and cost savings. We are highly efficient at providing low volume, customized castings.

Our foundry customers include mold manufacturers, artists, and custom metal parts manufacturers.

High Quality Tooling

Our machining capabilities are state of the art. Supported by powerful, leading edge CAD/CAM software and computers, our many high speed machining centres run around the clock, 7 days per week to meet our customers’ demands quickly and accurately.

Our 5 axis machines enable us to machine complex geometry quickly.

We can build the most complex range of mold sizes, from tiny medical parts to large bench car seats.


Last minute changes? This is a reality in today’s just in time world and Aluminum Mold & Pattern is staffed and equipped to respond.

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